Sunday, 14 September 2008

Bulletin 22(September 2008)

One Tree Hill revisited

GWAG members together with the Friends of One Tree Hill resumed exploratory work at the Honor Oak site yesterday. The main visible feature of the World War One gun emplacement was further investigated as was the nearby land, with a view to locating ancillary structures which may have been associated with the emplacement.

Two surface trenches were begun revealing some evidence of what might have been a path or track up to the gun. The work continues today and there will be a further report shortly.


Daniel Barley said...

My children - Phoebe and Tom - really had their imaginations fired by joining the dig yesterday (Sat). We're looking forward to seeing the next post on the blog because we'd love to know what else you found. Thank you so much for allowing us to help, and thanks to Collette for showing us what to do.

Daniel Barley said...

Sorry, I meant Odette, not Collette!