Monday, 21 November 2005

Bulletin 3 (November 2005)

First Blitz/Timewatch/Great Arab Revolt Project

First Blitz
Work has progressed steadily on the First Blitz project. In early September a team headed up by Ali Baldry and David Thorpe, with the help of metal detectorists Anne Smith and friends, we were able to do the initial detector survey of the Zeppelin crash site in Potters Bar. Some quite encouraging finds lead us to believe we have located the crash site and a more comprehensive survey is planned for the New Year. Elsewhere, Jim Lewis and Duncan Ward have continued their research into various elements of the project. Jim has been particularly focusing on the Marconi Listening Post he has located in North-West Norfolk, and we hope to get permission to do some work there in the New Year, whilst Duncan has been desperately trying to find an actual bomb site caused by the Zeppelins.

Timewatch Announcement
Following on from the above, GWAG has received exciting news. BBC2’s Timewatch programme has commissioned Neil and David to make a documentary special on the air war of London in 1915/16. The programme will focus on the story of the L31 zeppelin raids undertaken by the renowned German commander Mathé. Archaeological sites to be excavated for the programme will include an Anti-Aircraft and searchlight battery close to Waltham Abbey in Essex, as well as a Royal Flying Corps airfield near Epping and the zeppelin crash site in Potters Bar. Zeppelin bomb sites are currently being investigated (We need your help with this! Does anyone have any knowledge of a prospective bomb site that could be dug?).

Jordan and the Great Arab Revolt
As outlined in Bulletin 2 the ongoing project in Jordan is now a certainty. We have obtained exclusive permission from the Jordanian department of Antiquities to carry out a long term research, identification and excavation of all the Hashemite Kingdom’s First World War sites over a projected ten year period. In addition to this, David recently had tea with Prince Hassan of the Jordanian royal family at the Princes’ London home! He has offered any and all help, and would like to not only be a consultant to the project, but a primary resource as well. He is even interested in helping GWAG to write the first comprehensive English language account of the great Arab revolt.

The Land Rover!
GWAG have bought a long wheel base Land Rover! This has been fetchingly re-painted in racing green and will soon have the GWAG logo stenciled on the doors and roof.

As always, if anyone would like to get in contact, either to help, offer information or just to say hello then please use the contact details in the Contact Us section.