Saturday, 17 March 2007

Bulletin 5 (March 2007)

Great Arab Revolt/First BLitz/First Tank Project

Great Arab Revolt
A team of almost 30 commenced work in South Jordan in November, as planned.
Work was carried out over a period of two weeks, at two sites – Ma’an and Bat’n Al Ghul.
For more information and photographs – see Projects

First Blitz
GWAG was featured on the BBC2 Timewatch programme ‘ Zeppelin – The First Blitz’ at the beginning of February.
Two further summaries are now available together with photographs – see Projects

First Tank Project
GWAG’s latest project took a step closer to fruition following a meeting in Lincoln on 28 February 2007 which included GWAG, The Friends Of The Lincoln Tank, and the City Archaeologist. This will be a combined venture to involved the excavation of a Tank on the Western Front and field work in the City of Lincoln where the Tank was developed and initially manufactured.
For more information – see Projects.