Sunday, 15 February 2009

Bulletin 24 (Feb 2009)


Julian Evan-Hart has recently had an illustrated GARP related article published in the current issue of Treasure Hunting magazine.

This is an enthralling account of some of the finds and other activities of the Great Arab Revolt Project 2008 Season, which took place in Jordan in November last year.

In his usual entertaining and enthusiastic style Jules has managed to capture the excitement and variety of the trip, and he eloquently describes how it melds the technologies of metal detecting and internet research together with the academic aims of the project. It is a thoroughly good read and highly recommended. Also as can be seen below three rogues appear on the cover of the magazine, which is the March issue and is in the shops now. (Available in larger branches of W.H. Smiths)

Also about to be published is the latest issue of Current World Archaeology which will include a GARP article and extracts from this years blog.
CWA - "the UK's no 1 world archaeology magazine" - (ok the UK's only world archaeology magazine) - is available in Foyles/Borders/by subscription - next issue is out late March.