Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Bulletin 7 (August 2007)

The First Blitz Project - One Tree Hill

The First Blitz Project - One Tree Hill

GWAG carried out an evaluation at the site of a WW1 Gun Emplacement at One Tree Hill, South London over the weekend of 25 and 26 August 2007. The Gun Emplacement itself was cleared, recorded and photographed. Metal detector and geophysical surveys were carried out to identify areas of potential archaeological interest and a small number of test pits were excavated. Provisional results have shown the Emplacement to be in fair condition. The test pits revealed much consolidation of land and park landscaping, together with evidence of the supply of services
to the site. A rough concreted surface was also located.

The weekend had been widely publicised which resulted in a good deal of local interest and a number of the visitors were able to add their own memories or knowledge of the area. Local historians now have further information on the site to follow up, and their research will be used in conjunction with GWAG’s findings to develop the project further.

The First Tank Project

GWAG has been working closely with the Friends of the Lincoln Tank, to arrange fieldwork
and desk top study in Lincoln.

A geophysical survey was carried out during August 2007 at Burton Park, near Lincoln, which is where the early prototype tanks, including Mother, were tested.

It is intended that an ‘Open Day’ be held at premises in the area of the site of William Fosters Factory for members of the public to bring along any finds they may have found in gardens of
houses built in the area of Poppletons Field, or to talk about memories or family stories they may have about the construction of the tank, or of the foundry where the tanks were built.
Angie Hibbitt