Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Bulletin 20 (July 2008)

New GWAG Web Site launched

The GWAG Web Site has undergone a complete revamp making it far quicker to load and easier to navigate. Also more images on every page give a better overview of the range of work of the group.

Take a look here

Also for information David Thorpe, one of our Directors, is having spinal surgery/reconstruction at Kings College Hospital in south London on 30th June and expects to spend only a few days incarcerated before embarking on 3 weeks of boredom in Tunbridge Wells. "Only Billy Piper in Belle De Jour will have spent so much time on her back! Several months more are then to be enjoyed. All, and all is INCLUSIVE, visitors are welcome. Books and chat very much encouraged. David is damned determined to be fit and as obstreperous as normal by GARP Season 3 in November. Sadly, the scars will be small (as are many other things...) Dx"

Finally, Have you seen the other European Great War Archaeology web sites in our links list on the right? Have a look at the Plugstreet Project and No Mans Land Info for information about related archaeological work going on in Belgium and Northern France.