Sunday, 6 January 2008

Bulletin 9 (Jan 2008)

The First Tank Project

The talk by Dr Neil Faulkner on 23 February 2008 will take place at in the Lecture Theatre at The Collection, Lincoln from 7pm. (See event poster - click here)

Neil will be speaking on ‘Tanks, Zepps and Training Trenches: the archaeology of Britain at War 1914 to 1918.’ His talk will encompass the archaeology of conflict - what is it, why is it different and why does it matter? Why was the First World War different to those that had gone before? Also, projects by other groups, e.g. No Man’s Land work on training trenches, as well as GWAG’s own projects e.g. the First Blitz.

Neil will be joined by Richard Pullen MA, who will be speaking about the Development of the Tank, and recent fieldwork carried out in and around Lincoln. Richard lives in Lincoln and is local and Great War historian, archaeologist, historian, founder member of the Friends of the Lincoln Tank and author – including ‘Landships of Lincoln’.

This will be followed on Sunday 24 February by the Open Day at The Royal Naval Club on Coulson Road in Lincoln. The Friends of the Lincoln Tank, along with GWAG will be putting on a display of the history and development of the Tank in Lincolnshire, together with model WW1 Tanks and an exhibition of WW1 artefacts. Locals are being encouraged to come along with their own stories, family memories or mementos to help fill in the gaps in our knowledge.
Angie Hibbitt - 6 January 2008

Friday, 4 January 2008

Bulletin 8 (Jan 2008)

Lincoln Open Day

date has now been set for the aforementioned ‘Open Day’ in Lincoln. It will be held on Sunday 24 February 2008 at the Royal Naval Club on Coulson Road in Lincoln.

This venue has been specially chosen due to its close proximity to the site of the William Fosters Factory and the testing grounds at Poppletons Field.

The main intentions of the Open Day are to raise public awareness of the local development of the Tank, by having displays of the History of the Factory and the Tanks, as well as encouraging people to come and talk about any memories they may have, or stories that may have been passed down through the family. There will be members of the Friends of the Lincoln Tank on hand to record these oral accounts.

Dr Neil Faulkner will also be at the event, to discuss the project both in Lincoln and in Europe.

Neil will also be giving a presentation in Lincoln on Saturday 23 February 2008

Further details to follow in in due course