Sunday, 20 September 2009

Bulletin 31 (September 2009)

The First Tank Project Update

A Geophysical Survey was carried out in Lincoln recently as part of the First Tank Project, in conjunction with the Friends of the Lincoln Tank.

Lincoln, along with over 250 other towns and cities around the country had received a Presentation Tank after the Great War, in recognition of monies raised for National Savings.   After due ceremony, that tank was sited in Wickham Gardens, next to the Water Tower, and there it remained until it was removed for scrap several years later.  Incredible as it may seem, it has not been possible to locate any photographs of the tank in situ, and only recently has it been confirmed that the tank was displayed on the south side of the tower, in a small garden area.

It was decided, therefore to carry out an earth resistance survey to try and ascertain if would be possible to find any evidence of a plinth or railings under the garden.
The survey was duly carried out on 12 September by Dave and Angie Hibbitt, (Grid Nine Geophysics) closely watched by members of the Friends of the Lincoln Tank.
Following interpretation of the results, a full report will be available.

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