Monday, 4 May 2009

Bulletin 26 (May 2009)

Zeppelins, Fighters, and Ack-Ack: an introduction to modern conflict archaeology

Dr Neil Faulkner and Dr Keith Robinson

Sunday 26 July – Friday 31 July

This course will provide a comprehensive introduction to the theory and techniques of modern conflict archaeology through the investigation of Sedgeford Aerodrome – a home defence and training airfield in the First World War, and a decoy airfield in the Second. Combining taught sessions, desktop research, and guided fieldwork, students will experience the full range of methods involved in the study of modern industrialised warfare. These will include: the use of archives, maps, old photos, and the internet; survey work using GPS-recording, geophysics, and metal-detecting; standing-building recording; and carefully targeted excavation. We will also cover the relationship between material remains in the landscape and memories, commemorations, family and local histories, and political and moral issues.

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